Rent a Unit

You Can Rent a Unit Anytime:

Visit our SELF-RENTAL Station and Pay Online now!

You can find our Self-Rental station on-site at 787 North 500 East, at the north end of the facility.

  1. Using the Site Map on the back of the instruction sheet, pick your unit size
  2. Find an open unit that is empty and does not have a lock on it
  3. Put your own lock on the unit. We strongly recommend a High Security Disc Lock
  4. Fill out a contract and calculate the rent due using the instruction sheet
  5. Drop the contract and rent in the drop box, or mail it to P.O. Box 1331, Vernal 84078
  6. CALL THE MANAGER IMMEDIATELY and tell them which unit you have rented

Mail the rent and contract within one day or your unit may be locked by the manger. You can pay online now, but you must still mail your contract immediately.

Click below to download a PDF of the Rental Agreement and/orĀ Self-Rental Instructions:

Rental Agreement.

Self-Rental Instructions.

Click on the map for a full size version:

Ashley Valley Storage unit map as a jpeg.

5x10 $50 $1.50
8x12 $80 $2.50
10x15 $90 $3.00
10x20 $110 $3.50
8x20 $110 $3.50
Prices can change without notice. Please call the manager for current prices and availability.